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Filipino Maid is a favorable option for hire in Malaysia apart from Indonesian maids. Located in the South East Asia, the Filipino shares a similar culture which makes it easier for Malaysian homeowners and the maid to communicate, work and live together. Be it as it may, maids play an important support role that is vital to the happiness of a family as well.

Feeling the need to fulfill the demand of Malaysian family, Maid Malaysia has begun to take lead in getting right Filipino maid for the right family according to each client’s specific request. All we ever wanted is for working moms and dads feel more relieved when leaving their homes at the hand of a trustworthy and efficient maid. It is truly a priceless feeling you can get.

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Maid Malaysia is a maid agency whose expertise is on the ability to procure the right person as a domestic helper. Driven by the needs of our clients in Malaysia, we have gone far across other nations to discover the possibilities in making your home a better and safer place. Since the demand for Filipino maid is consistently rising, we have begun to focus our attention on this specific country, and work together with the local government of the Republic of Philippines and its people to find the best candidate.

 All our candidates are carefully selected based on their background and personal history to make sure that all maids deployed in Malaysia are reliable. This intensive process is currently the key to the quality delivery we’ve been providing for quite some time to a wide range of clients, from busy professionals, celebrities and even senior citizens who need a companion to assist them in doing daily chores.

You Will Love Your Maid!

Before each maid is deployed, we will always make sure that they undergo a series of training that will equip them with the important set of skills, such as cleaning, cooking, and even dealing with children. Indirectly, we also train them to have a good level of discipline so that you every need can be fulfilled right away. Our objective has always been to shape and creates the ideal housekeeper you can count on.

No more hassle, no more hidden fees, and no more ridiculously long waiting period. We will do our best to make sure that the maid you request is deployed as soon as possible. Should you require further information, feel free to contact us by filling in the above form.

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