About Us

Maid Malaysia: Your Solution to Finding the Right Maid

Maid Malaysia is a staffing agency focused on maid services which is based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The foundation of this agency lies upon its goal to provide you as our client, with the highest level of quality assistance in finding the perfect maid that’s suitable to your needs.

While keeping this goal in mind, we will be assisting you all the way through our initial interview process so that we can take note of all your requests before moving on to the next step. With all the crucial information we obtain, our search for the “right piece of the puzzle” begins as we find the most qualified staff from our extensive database of pre-screened and trained domestic helpers.

Maid Malaysia even offers what most agencies cannot, that is the most comprehensive background check on the candidate’s work history and experience. We truly understand the difficulty our clients used to face in finding the right person for the job, and making it into a successful long-term placement.

As a systematic and trusted staffing agency, we have even successfully managed to place hundreds of domestic helpers into positions in homes throughout Malaysia, including the homes of politicians, celebrities and other reputable clients who expect and deserve the best services an agency has to offer.

Maid Malaysia will always be there for you. If you ever feel unsure, don’t worry as you can simply drop us an email first. We will definitely give you a personal service to match your family’s needs with some of the most experienced and finest candidates we have.