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Maid Malaysia is a full-fledged maid services agency which is based in Malaysia. We are focused to fulfill the ever-rising demand for domestic helpers to make your life better and more organized. We currently have a team of enthusiastic people who are ready to help make your lives easier and stress-free while you focus on the more important things. Our service was initially started in Klang Valley area, but as the agency grows, we are now expanding to other regions & states as well!

While maintaining the principle that our clients are our top priority, Maid Malaysia has never neglected all surrounding factors as well, such as the quality of the maids’ service, their welfare, and an even good relationship between the client, the maid & us as the intermediary. The right formulation has made us the first of clients all over Malaysia looking for maid service.

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Filipino maids are also one of the most demanding in the market. If you’re looking for one, then this is the right place for you.

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What Makes Us the Best Maid Agency in Malaysia

Here at Maid Malaysia, we put clients first. This has been the secret behind our successful growth to become the best maid agency in Malaysia. We have developed a team that is skilled in filtering each and every maid that is suitable to a specific client. Our maids are required to undergo an intense training course to equip them with all necessary skills. Their background is carefully checked long before they are assigned to your home to make sure that not only their service is of a good quality; the family members should feel safe and happy when they are around. We don’t take shortcuts in making this happen.

Apart from that, the local connection Maid Malaysia has in the source country has also been our secret of success. There are so many maid agencies in Malaysia, but we are homegrown, and this gives us the ability to understand the need of local clients. It also gives us a unique insight into the need of the market, helping to make sure that we are the best maid agency in Malaysia. Due to this, we regularly hear positive feedback from our clients who are impressed with the quality housekeeping service our maids provide. Not only that, we have a transparent policy which means that there is no hidden fee in our pricing. We will tell you exactly how much everything cost – and if you’re up for it, we will deliver exactly as promised.

What are you needs? Just let us know upfront, and we will be delighted to accommodate your request.

Ultimately, our objective is to make sure that every client of Maid Malaysia enjoys a quality and consistent housekeeping service. When you pay to get a maid, you know that you’re not paying to have someone help you halfway. What you can expect is a professional level of assistance to make sure that you get the right maid for your family.

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